Unsung Hero: Hope Conover

Mrs. Conover served as a mentor to me through high school. She is also willing to listen, and she has kept in contact with me to encourage me since high school.

Mrs. Conover was never directly my teacher in a classroom, but I was part of her club in high school: Student Council. She spent hours after school making decorations and donating her time to make our school even better. Mrs.

Conover even included her family in the love of us students. To make sure we could have a Football Homecoming Parade in 2013, her and I (with her kids and my siblings) walked the entire parade route the summer before classes began, getting the written permission from businesses along the route.

Her dedication and giving of her time and effort is not limited by the school bells or school calendar. She is student-centered year-round.

When I was in high school, I was getting sick before a big week of tests and events for student council. Mrs. Conover brought me a gallon of Sunny D to “give me vitamin C.”

She cared enough to bring vitamin C in a tasty form when I was sick, but she also cared enough to listen with open ears when myself or other students were having issues at home. Though she could not fix most of our problems, she heard us, she encouraged us, and we never left without a hug.

Now, I am so excited to have Mrs. Conover as one of my colleagues next year as I enter my first teaching job.

Hope Conover, Poplar Bluff High School

What are 5 characteristics or qualities that make Hope an outstanding educator?

  1. Dedicated
  2. Willing to listen OPENLY
  3. Encouraging
  4. Caring
  5. Giving

Hope Conover, Teacher at Poplar Bluff High School, is being recognized by Jennie Caswell (Student, College of the Ozarks).

Click the above image for more information about Unsung Hero Week 2017.

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