Unsung Hero: Dawn Dennis

I was one of those smart under-performing students who loved to learn but didn’t see the value in busywork.

As a first grader, I worked the system to get by with as little work as possible and entered second grade pretty jaded for a bespectacled six year old.

But Mrs. Dennis didn’t stand for my nonsense, and she didn’t judge me by my record.

Instead, she challenged me and accommodated me so neatly that I loved school in second grade.

She let me skip the practice rows on worksheets and just do the challenges. When I finished early in math she gave me tangrams or “helper jobs” instead of more busywork. She encouraged me to read books that were challenging (and way higher levels than second grade).

The best part was that she didn’t single me out; she was like that for all of her studentsloving on us and always encouraging us to do our best.

What are 5 characteristics or qualities that make Dawn an outstanding educator?

  1. Unending patience;
  2. She never raised her voice;
  3. Outside-the-box engagement;
  4. Age-appropriate challenges; and
  5. Passionate and enthusiastic about learning.

Dawn Dennis, Teacher at Allen Elementary, is being recognized by SarahJean Meyer (Eastern Michigan University).

Click the above image for more information about Unsung Hero Week 2017.

To support KDP’s work to retain effective teachers like Dawn, make a tax-deductible donation today.

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