Successful Change of Counselors for a KDP Chapter

Dr. Mary C. Clement is the current Counselor of the Berry College Rho Upsilon Chapter, and she served as the international KDP President for 2012–2014. Her wonderful mentor is Dr. Mary E. Outlaw. Dr. Clement has recently taken the reigns of the chapter and has offered this reflection on her transition experience.

With my first initiation of new members complete, I can breathe a sigh and reflect on how lucky I was to have inherited such a strong KDP chapter on my campus. More importantly, I realize how fortunate I was that the long-time former counselor took me under her tutelage before she actually retired. Our transfer of former counselor to new counselor has been such a positive experience that I want to share the example for others.

The KDP chapter at my college was led for more than 20 years by one counselor with a remarkable record. She began the tradition of inviting the State Teacher of the Year to speak on campus, oversaw a dynamic Literacy Alive! program that paired education majors with student athletes to read and donate books to local schools, and kept strong numbers of new initiates every year. During her last 2 years on campus, she took a tiered retirement and worked half-time.

Dr. Mary Clement speaking at KDP Convo 2013 in Dallas, Texas

Dr. Mary Clement speaking at KDP Convo 2013 in Dallas, Texas

During her half-time work, I became the co-counselor and began participating more fully with the chapter. Since I already was quite familiar about Kappa Delta Pi as an organization from my work on the Executive Council, we focused on what I needed to know about being the counselor of a student group on our campus. I needed to learn about how student organization budgets worked, how to get bills paid, and how to work with the registrar’s office to obtain lists of eligible undergraduate and graduate students. In other words, I needed to learn with whom to network when I needed something, such as catering for the induction ceremonies. In the final semester of our co-counselorship, I took the lead, but still turned to her for advice and answers to my questions.

While Kappa Delta Pi recognizes how hard our dedicated chapter counselors work, we may need to add one more job to their volunteer job description. That job would be to mentor the new counselor during a transition time. The nuances of the counselor’s job are different on every campus, and learning the ropes from the outgoing counselor is very helpful to the incoming one. Now, all that’s left is for me to get my final report to Headquarters in a timely manner. Thank goodness my mentor counselor left a file!

#TBT Literacy Alive!

Katie Heath
Katie Heath is the Northeast Regional Chapter Coordinator and Literacy Alive! Coordinator for Chapter Services.

If you’re anything like me, you love sorting through old documents and unveiling historical information. Recently, I dug out the records for the first year of Literacy Alive! and was amazed by what I discovered!

It is remarkable to see both how little and how much has changed with the Literacy Alive! service initiative over the last 22+ years. Perhaps the most exciting finding was that several of the chapters that have participated in Literacy Alive! in recent years are the very same chapters that took an active role in the program’s initial stages.

I was impressed by the statistics from Literacy Alive’s! first year as KDP’s signature service initiative. While modest growth is often expected in the first few years of any new program, to have impacted so many people from the very beginning shows the true hearts of KDP members everywhere. Roughly 22 years later, I am overwhelmed with pride as I reflect on the progress Literacy Alive! has made and the impact this program continues to have on communities across the country.

For this week’s #TBT take a look at the statistics from the first year of Literacy Alive! (1993) compared with those of last year’s programming.

4.2.2015 #TBT

We hope you plan to participate in Literacy Alive! this year as KDP’s signature service program continues to grow and expand. If your chapter has already held an event, don’t forget to submit the Literacy Alive! Achievement Form by May 1. If you have not yet participated, it’s certainly not too late. Check out our website for more information about hosting a Literacy Alive! project, or contact me with questions!

Serving Together,


You’re Award Worthy, So Apply!

Chris Beaman is a member of the KDP headquarters staff on the chapter services team as well as an active member of Kappa Delta Pi. He oversees the awards program.

We consider it a privilege to recognize the important work that our volunteers and chapters do to impact their communities; recognizing excellence always has been a part of Kappa Delta Pi’s mission. The Awards for Education Excellence honor those individuals and chapters for their significant contributions to the Society and the education world. We’re talking about members and chapter leaders like you!

For the first time ever, to help you with completing the application(s), we are providing the rubrics that will be used to score your submission. We encourage you to use this resource to make your application as strong as possible.

The annual awards below are for the 2014-2015 academic year, and the deadline for submissions is Friday, May 15 at 5:00 p.m. Winners will be recognized at Convocation 2015 in Orlando, FL from October 22-24, 2015.

prog-awardChapter Program Award

Chapters can submit five programs for consideration—one in each of the following areas: Communication, Community Service, Fundraising, Membership, & Professional Development.

Find the eligibility, criteria, and requirements for the Program Award by clicking here. Go ahead and submit your application as well!

phoenix awardPhoenix Award for Chapter Improvement

Each year, we work with a number of chapters that find they have room for improvement. We are astounded at the efforts put in by chapter leaders to strengthen chapter-member engagement, establish programs meeting member needs, and identifying leadership opportunities for chapter members.

Our intent with this award is to recognize those efforts in strengthening the chapter and thank you for your service!

Find the eligibility, criteria, and requirements for the Phoenix Award by clicking here, and find the submission form by clicking here.

dist officerDistinguished Chapter Officer Award

Having a strong, engaged chapter directly correlates with having strong chapter leadership. Among their various other responsibilities, chapter officers plan events, organize service projects, recruit new members, and maintain the sustainability of the chapter. The Distinguished Chapter Officer Award honors current or immediate-past officers who set positive examples for their chapters by representing the ideals of Kappa Delta Pi.

All of our 600+ chapters are eligible to submit one officer for consideration. Whose name will your chapter submit?!

Find the eligibility, criteria, and requirements for the Distinguished Chapter Officer Award by clicking here, and submit the officer’s name before May 15 at 5p.m. by clicking here.

regional counselorRegional Chapter Counselor Award

Here at Headquarters, we always say (and believe) that the sustainability of our chapters depends on the commitment and leadership of the dedicated Chapter Counselors and the mentoring they provide to the students and members.

How has your Chapter Counselor impacted you individually and the chapter collectively? Submit his/her name for consideration of this prestigious award!

Find the eligibility, criteria, and requirements for the Regional Chapter Counselor Award by clicking here, and be sure to submit his/her name for consideration soon by clicking here.

The above awards submitted are reviewed by a panel of judges, and award-winning applications will be announced on Wednesday, June 3, 2015.

The biennial awards below are for the 2013-2015 biennium, and the deadline for submissions is Monday, June 1, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. Winners will be recognized at Convocation 2015 in Orlando, FL from October 22-24, 2015.

aceAchieving Chapter Excellence (ACE) Award

Established in 1995, the Achieving Chapter Excellence (ACE) Awards program recognizes KDP chapters that exhibit outstanding programming, membership, and leadership in support of the Society’s mission and strategic goals. Since its inception, chapters across the country have aspired to offer creative, purposeful programming and a full slate of chapter activities with the hope of earning this coveted award.

Find the eligibility, criteria, and requirements for the ACE Award by clicking here. We encourage you to print a copy of the submission form and fill it in as you go before applying online. View the submission form now!

rising starRising Star Award for New Chapters

KDP welcomes several new chapters each year. The Rising Star Award for New Chapters recognizes these new groups that demonstrate outstanding management and programming in their first biennium following installation.

Chapters installed between June 1, 2012 and June 30, 2014 that have not already won this award are encouraged to apply.

Find the eligibility, criteria, and requirements for the Rising Star Award by clicking here. Apply now using the submission form!

O.L. Davis, Jr. Counselor of Distinction Award

This award honors Chapter Counselors with at least five years of KDP service and activity for their service, scholarship, professional development, outstanding leadership of the chapter, and mentorship of the chapter’s student leaders.

Find the eligibility, criteria, and requirements for the O.L. Davis, Jr. Counselor of Distinction Award by clicking here. Apply now using the submission form!

lucinda roseLucinda Rose Counselor Award

The Lucinda Rose Counselor Award, funded by Drs. Vincent and Linda McGrath, honors an exemplary Counselor and chapter leader within Kappa Delta Pi.

Find the eligibility, criteria, and requirements for the Lucinda Rose Award by clicking here. This is not an open nomination award.

foundersFounders Awards

As a tribute to KDP’s founding members and their vision for the Society and its role in the field of education, these Founders Awards honor current educators at the local, national, or global level living these visions today.

For more information visit the Awards and Honors page.

The above awards submitted are reviewed by a panel of judges, and award-winning applications will be announced on Monday, June 29, 2015.

I am personally looking forward to reading through the award applications as they come in. Part of my job is to compile the applications in order to send them to our reviewing panel, and it is a pleasure to read about the chapter successes and about the individuals who have made a positive impact on the chapter.

For more information about the Awards for Education Excellence and to view the recipients of our 2013-2014 annual awards, please check out the Recognition pages of our website.

Got a Minute? Week of March 9, 2015

Got a minute for KDP? See what’s going on at headquarters in a one-minute(ish) video.

This week:

NYC iLead Conference is a Huge Success!

Michelle Rosenberg is president of Xi Rho Chapter at St. Francis College

On Sunday, February 22, St. Francis College hosted its very first Kappa Delta Pi iLead Conference.

iLead photo 2Participants braved the harsh New York City temperatures, snow and ice to make it to the networking event. Students and professionals traveled from as far as Pennsylvania, Westchester, and Long Island just to be in attendance!

The morning began with a brief registration process and light refreshments. As the conference began, pens and computer keys began moving and chatter between everyone got louder and louder. It was the perfect opportunity to speak to seasoned educators whose specialties ranged from special education, English and college level literature.

The activities focused primarily on the core of what leadership truly is and how to become an effective leader in your very own classroom or school building. Topics ranged from reflections about what leadership means/is, ways to become a teacher leader (examples: publishing work and mentoring incoming teachers), the types of leadership methodologies, effective cooperative work between teachers/administrators, and the coveted interview prep.

iLead photo 1I’d have to say that the BEST part of the entire conference was speaking to other chapter leaders and getting tips from current student teachers about their experiences in the classroom and with their chapters. Everyone was extremely enthusiastic about their upcoming philanthropy efforts, e-boards, and chapter development as a whole.

The iLead conference turned out to be the perfect opportunity to get tips from ACE chapter leaders about their communication tools, programming, and overall inner workings. I especially enjoyed my conversations with the women from Kappa Eta Chapter at St. John’s University. Our conversation became so detailed that someone suggested that we create a Google forum or Facebook group to stay in touch. This will be in the works very soon!

Overall, the iLead conference proved to be a success for many reasons. I learned a great deal and met some incredible souls that really opened up my eyes and heart. I hope that everyone was able to get something meaningful from this opportunity because I definitely did!

Good luck with your future endeavors and I look forward to seeing you all in classroom or board room one day.

Chapter Hosts Documentary Screening

Angela Fazio is co-president of Kappa Eta Chapter at St. John’s University.

TEACH ViewingWe recently held a viewing of the TEACH documentary and invited all NYC Chapters as a way to collaborate with other chapters and inspire dialogue that goes far beyond the classroom.

Cindy Amuzie, who is the Historian of Kappa Eta Chapter had these words to say after the event: “This documentary does a great job depicting the experiences a teacher has to go through. This experience is all trial and error until a breakthrough is found, until all students are reached, or until your students find themselves in what they are learning. I am so happy we screened this documentary!”

We reviewed the event on our university website, which highlights the panel of members who discussed the documentary, as well as the realistic nature of the film and the adversities teachers must overcome with their students.

Due to the success of our event, and feedback from our student body, we plan on hosting a screening of the TEACH documentary at the beginning of every year!

Kappa Delta Pi has partnered with Participant Media to make the TEACH documentary available to our chapters. If you’re interested in receiving a DVD, email

Celebrate Founders Day—Snap a Photo!

Laura Stelsel is director of marketing & communications at Kappa Delta Pi.

Founders cake

Serving a sweet cake at your celebration? Share it with us!

Kappa Delta Pi will be 104 years old on March 8. How do you plan to celebrate? Whether you wear your KDP pin or have a chapter celebration (you can find resources to plan your celebration on the KDP website), we hope you’ll do something to commemorate our founding AND we hope you take a moment to snap a photo.

Why? Because it’s time for our first Founders Day photo contest! Eligible participants include any paid, current member of the Society OR a chapter of paid, current members of the Society. Winners cannot have a lapsed membership status.

Founders photo

Honor our founders–recreate a photo of the first initiates!

The contest runs through noon on March 13, after which a winner (and prizes) will be selected by KDP staff and announced via social media.

Here’s how you can enter the contest:

  • Post photos to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #KDPFounders AND/OR
  • Email photos to
  • Include a few sentences about the photos
  • Watch for the winner announcement on March 14
Katie with archives

Have a piece of our history in your chapter archives? Bring it out for Founders Day! And snap a photo, of course.

In the meantime, check out all of the submissions in our Facebook album. Good luck!

By submitting a photo, you grant Kappa Delta Pi permission to use your likeness, and the likeness of the other parties, in a photograph in any and all of its publications, including website entries, without payment or any other consideration.

Tau Omega Chapter Holiday Book Exchange

B. Rose Lyons is president of Tau Omega Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi at Saint Joseph’s University.

BookExchange2Each December, Tau Omega Chapter at Saint Joseph’s University hosts a Holiday Book Exchange to assist its members in the creation of their future classroom libraries. Members place their names and certification areas into a hat during the November general meeting and pull another member’s name from the hat at random.

Instead of buying a generic gift, members buy a book relevant to the certification area of their chosen person, so that it can be used in a future classroom library. Many members choose specific books for sentimental value, such as a childhood favorite, while others choose books they feel a classroom library would be incomplete without.

The Holiday Book Exchange and party replaces the December general meeting and has consistently proven to be a great success. This night gives KDP members the opportunity to bond during the holiday season through baked goods, conversation, and a love of books.

An amazing, feel-good event

Jenna Alt is the co-president of Pi Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi at UW-Stevens Point.

KDP Christmas Cookies 4Pi Epsilon Chapter is in the process of transitioning new inductees into officer positions. We all wanted to get to know each other a little better, so we decided to decorate Christmas cookies for the School of Education staff and for a local housing facility here in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

KDP Christmas Cookies 5On the evening of December 10, the chapter decorated 19 dozen Christmas cookies. We put the decorated cookies in small serving bags and delivered about 50 cookies to the School of Education staff. The rest we took to the Stevens Point Housing Authority for residents of the facility to enjoy.

KDP Christmas Cookies 2Many of the residents have a hard time getting around, so when we arrived, only about 10 of the 75 residents were in the lobby. One of the residents offered to take us around to all seven floors so that we could personally deliver the cookies to those who could not come down. We rang the doorbells of each and every door in that facility, and when they opened their doors, we told them we were an honor society and that all of us were going to be future teachers. They were all so appreciative and grateful. The smiles on their faces were absolutely priceless!

At the end of the night, we ended up in the lobby again, and one of the elderly women started talking with us. She asked what “fraternity” we were with and we explained that we were actually part of an honor society for future teachers. Her eyes got big and she told us she was no “future teacher,” but was a “past teacher!” She had taught for 65 years and had many stories to share with us. We sat around listening to stories of how teaching has changed from her day in age to now ours. Her biggest piece of advice to us: Have fun!

What an amazing, feel-good event! It was something so very simple and I know I can speak for all the chapter members who helped when I say that last night will not be forgotten any time soon.