Facing the Grad Student Blues?

Anna Quiznio-ZafranAnna Quinzio-Zafran is the Chair of the National Graduate Student Committee for Kappa Delta Pi.

As we approach the end of the spring semester, graduate students around the country are trying to put the finishing touches on one of any number of major projects. There are moments when you might think that you just want to go and hide, but remember that your professors, mentors, and even colleagues were once in this same stage of grad school. They felt just the way you are feeling now.

It’s important to find comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

Across the nation are graduate students who feel just as you do.

Thanks to all of the KDP members who took time out of their busy schedules to join the National Graduate Student Committee at our Coffee Klatch on Saturday, April 23. There was great discussion about how, when we get together to share our perspectives on how different people approach various challenges, we are able to reflect on which strategies we might apply to our own particular situations and circumstances.

We would like to offer you the tips, resources, and challenges that we shared at our first Coffee Klatch. Click here to download those.

However, the best tip that we can leave with you is to remember that you are not alone… KDP members are always there to support, encourage, commiserate with, and motivate one another.

If you are in need of this support/encouragement, please access our community on KDP’s members-only online network, KDP Global. We would love to welcome you with open arms into our community. If you need help accessing this community, please contact membership@kdp.org.

A Graduate Student Summer and Online Session

For most graduate students in education, summer is the season of accomplishment.  Whether you are a teacher or administrator, work duties are a bit more relaxed.  This means that you are able to set goals to advance your degree progress.  That might mean that you are able to take an intensive week-long class, have time to write your candidacy exam, or analyze data collected during the school year.

If you are one of those graduate students, be proactive.

Now is the time to look at your summer calendar to set achievable goals for yourself along with a timetable that will keep you on track.  Some of these goals might require you to meet with your committee.  If this is the case, make sure that you schedule your meetings before spring semester ends to ensure the availability of your team.

While you might work more intensively toward your degree during the summer, do consider how much you can reasonably accomplish.

Stretch yourself, but don’t snap.

It’s difficult to start a new school year when you do not feel refreshed and renewed.

  • Remember to set time aside for yourself.
  • Time spent with your family and friends keeps you motivated and grounded.
  • Plan outings that you can look forward to as rewards for rigorous work.
  • Set smaller achievement goals and rewards every day that can keep you on track.
  • Take a walk around the neighborhood or make a coffee run if you meet your daily goal.
  • Find a place to work with limited distractions.  It might pay off to take the time to go to the library instead of getting up every few minutes to do something around the house that will divert your attention from your task.

Blog header 6The National Graduate Student Committee of Kappa Delta Pi is offering an online professional development contributing some tips, resources and challenges for you this Saturday, April 23 starting at 10:30 a.m. Eastern. You can register by clicking here.

We invite you to join us if you are able. If not, we will be gathering a list of information that we share, along with some recommendations that we might not have time for, in a document that you can download. Check back here next week to download those tips!