Kappa Delta Pi’s Work is Not Done

Laura Stelsel is director of marketing & communications at Kappa Delta Pi.

Dr. Frank Marsh

Dr. Frank Marsh

Last week, I called up one of KDP’s longest-standing members, Dr. Frank Marsh, to talk about his work with the Society. Dr. Marsh is a Lifetime member; he initiated in 1949 at the University of New Hampshire.

He’s served as president of the Society, organized two Convocations, edited The KDP Record, and helped found the Kappa Delta Pi Foundation, which is now our department of advancement.

I spoke to Dr. Marsh for an hour, but among the most important messages I received from him was his feeling of responsibility in giving back to KDP. In fact, he said that no matter how much he’s given to KDP, he’s received that much back and more. His desire to pay it forward to future educators is commendable. Check out this short clip from our conversation on why he financially supports the Society.

During the month of March, we celebrate Founders Day (March 8, 1911) and our founders all month long with $19.11 contributions to the Founders Fund.

At headquarters, I’m proud to say that nearly every staff member contributes annually. Why? Because, like Dr. Marsh, we see and hear directly how important these funds are to the members who receive them—members with the new ideas to which he referred.

Won’t you join us? No donation is too small. Support KDP’s mission with a donation to the Founders Fund today!

KDP Chapter Challenge: May the best region prevail!

Kristen Jackson is Advancement and Foundation Director at Kappa Delta Pi

The battle is on to see which region will take top honors in KDP’s signature philanthropic initiative, Chapter Challenge.

chapter challenge thermometersThe Goal: 100% chapter participation in each region.

The Commitment: $150 donation to KDP from your chapter and/or chapter members.

Each donation to KDP advances resources and support for educators like you, and in exchange your chapter receives local and national recognition.

The Prize: All participating chapters will receive a plaque or nameplate to display at your institution, acknowledgment in the Kappa Delta Pi Record, the Convocation 2015 booklet, on kdp.org and KDP social media. Your chapter also qualifies for the ACE award with an annual donation to the KDP Chapter Challenge.

The West is currently in the lead, with our Northeast and Midwest regions gaining ground. In last place currently is the Southeast. With donations due by June 1, victory is still up for grabs. It isn’t too late!

Lamar University is working hard to keep the west region on top – Go Cardinals! 

Fitchburg State University is rallying the northeast chapters to participate. 

Give now!

Make an online donation or send your gift in the mail to:

KDP Foundation
3707 Woodview Trace
Indianapolis, IN 46268

More info on Chapter Challenge

Contact Kristen Jackson with questions, kristen@kdp.org or (800) 284-3167

Connecting at Convocation

Jane Farino is a graduate student at Loyola University Maryland and a substitute teacher. She has been a KDP member since 2011, initiating at Sigma Tau Chapter at Mount St. Mary College.

Jane Farino

KDP member Jane Farino

Two years ago I found myself walking into a room in Indianapolis filled with people from across the country, even the world.  I found myself surrounded by people so individually different, yet, amazingly, connected by one common goal, to be the best teacher they can be.  There were teachers who were brand new, seasoned teachers nearing retirement, and professionals eager to share tips, ideas, and researched based practices.  There were also college students, like me, nervous about stepping into the teaching world and ready to get answers to their questions.

Today, I am a graduate student subbing during the day for a private school, and taking a full time course schedule at Loyola University Maryland at night to get my Master’s degree and certification as a K-12 Reading Specialist.  Since last time I went to Convo, I have grown so much as an educator, but I still face new teaching struggles every day.  I am working on adjusting to work as a substitute teacher, balancing classroom order with being “fun,” and wondering about how I will do as a first year teacher when I eventually do get a class of my own.  Although most days go smoothly and are enjoyable, a few not-so-awesome days, and lack of a full time job had me questioning my confidence as a teacher.

Feeling like I need to refresh, recharge, and revamp my teaching skills, I saw information for the next Convo coming up in Dallas and knew I had to do whatever it took to get myself there.  I applied for a graduate student stipend, and miraculously, was awarded it!  The stipend from KDP will allow me to fly from Maryland to Dallas, register for Convo, and stay at the hotel without stressing my budget.  I have a sense of duty feeling like KDP is investing in me as a future educator. 

During my undergraduate years, I was membership chair for chapter Sigma Tau Chapter.  Our team of officers worked hard to create strong chapter unity, and was granted the ACE award.  Going to Dallas will allow me to see the award be presented to Sigma Tau’s counselor and president.  I am so proud of what our chapter has done, and continues to do.

Although I am taking education-geared classes now, the relevant workshops, exchange of fresh ideas and opportunity to interact with teachers from all areas is a one of a kind experience that only Convocation can offer.  It allows me to see myself less as an individual in this professional journey but as a part of a larger community of teachers.  You can think of it as a big KDP family reunion.

I can’t wait to get to Dallas; I hope to see you there!

“Let us help you enhance the joy of learning in your classroom”

Kristen Jackson is the Director of the Kappa Delta Pi Educational Foundation and has dedicated her career to charitable fundraising and nonprofit advancement. She hopes that her daughter is taught by KDP educators when she begins school. 

KDP classroom Teacher Grant winner

Denise McKenzie-Huffman’s students working with the flashcards she purchased with funds from her KDP Classroom Teacher Grant.

I can only imagine the frustration of our knowledgeable educators as they start planning the school year and struggle to meet their basic classroom needs. I’ve read the statistics reporting that teachers spent $485, on average, of their own money on school supplies, instructional materials, and other classroom resources in the 2012–2013 school year.* And, yet, the reality of the situation did not set in until last fall when I first started managing the KDP Classroom Teacher Grants program.

I’m not a teacher, so when I read a proposal for the purchase of flash cards to use in a classroom, I thought, wow, that’s a really basic need. I went on to read similar proposals with requests for highlighters, headphones, bookcases, mathematic kits, field trips; the list goes on. I was a little apprehensive thinking that we may be letting down our benefactors because we aren’t moving mountains by fulfilling these requests. How could meeting these needs enrich the learning capacity of a classroom?

Then something amazing happened: the grant reports started coming in. I received one from kindergarten teacher Denise McKenzie-Huffman of Vernal, Utah; it was the flash cards grant. Denise was able to purchase flash cards and interactive pens to engage her students with self-directed, independent learning in various settings in her classroom. I truly felt the joy her project brought to her classroom as she wrote about the excitement of her students and their eagerness to use the items. Denise was thrilled over the success of her Classroom Teacher Grant and shared with me, “As a new teacher who just moved to a new state to take my teaching job, funds were very short, and this helped tremendously. The best part is that I will get to keep using these resources year after year. Next year I will still be able to use the products purchased with the grant money.”

I am confident there are hundreds of KDP educators who, in mere seconds, could share how beneficial $125 would be in their classroom. Why not take a few minutes and submit your proposal today? Grant stipends are sent to recipients in early December to ensure implementation in the spring semester. Let us help you enhance the joy of learning in your classroom. Be creative and imagine the power you can harness as an individual teacher who transforms lives on a day-to-day basis. That’s the primary goal driving our Classroom Teacher Grants program.

Fifty grants will be awarded this fall, and your name could be on the recipient list just by submitting a short proposal. I encourage you to take ten minutes right now and help give your students the best possible education in the short time you have to influence their intellectual growth.

Learn more about Classroom Teacher Grants and how you can submit a proposal at http://www.kdp.org/educationalfoundation/classroomteachergrants.php.

*Statistic from National School Supply and Equipment Association 2013 study. Retrieved from http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nssea-study-finds-teachers-spend-16-billion-of-their-own-money-on-educational-products-for-their-classrooms-213139551.html