Celebrating the Life and Leadership of Dr. Frank E. Marsh

Faye Snodgress is Executive Director of Kappa Delta Pi.

Dr. Frank Marsh

With a very heavy heart, I share news of the death of Dr. Frank E. Marsh, Professor Emeritus of Northeastern University, and a truly outstanding and dedicated leader of Kappa Delta Pi International for nearly 7 decades. Inducted into KDP’s Beta Beta Chapter at The University of New Hampshire in 1949, his service goes back far enough that he had opportunities to meet the founders of KDP and often shared interesting stories about KDP in the early years.

It is fitting at his passing to acknowledge his many significant contributions to the Society. There is no one who matched his sustained effort in leadership excellence. He captured the spirit of KDP in all the work he accomplished in his professional life as a teacher, coach, university professor, and Dean. He personified the ideals of the Society.

When we reflect on his legacy, there are many significant firsts associated with his term as President of the Society (1972–1974), many of which are still in place today, such as offering regional one-day conferences for members, training of new Chapter Counselors at Headquarters, holding student forums at Convocation, and establishing the Educational Foundation, where he served as Board Chair for 18 years. During his tenure as leader, the Foundation raised millions of dollars, resulting in increased scholarships, awards to teachers, national conference sponsorships, and the completion of a fundraising campaign to purchase a new headquarters’ facility in Indianapolis.

Dr. Richard Judd (L) with Dr. Frank Marsh (C)

“Frank was the one who nominated me for President. A true leader in all respects. As Frank’s leaf dies and drops from sight, other substances of his abundant life will take their place. His place remains, and in spirit remains very, very present with us. As theologian Karl Rahner has said, ‘Every person is a person of eternity, and not just noble spirits of memory.’ All who knew Frank knew that we had been invited to a special table of life that was anything but ordinary, if not quite extraordinary. We realize that sharing his life and our participation with Frank came as a gift, not a given. We are all thankful for the opportunity we had to be part of Frank’s life—his world of the mind, family, colleagues, friends, and conviviality.” –Richard Judd, Former KDP President

In addition to his service as the Chair of the Educational Foundation, his leadership benefited the Society through his service as the Academic Editor of the Kappa Delta Pi Record from 1996 through 2001, on multiple Convocation Planning Committees, on the President’s Advisory Committee, and as the founding counselor of the Kappa Zeta Chapter at Northeastern University. A constant in all of his leadership roles was his ability to provide the vision and initiatives for improvements in these organizations.

He always provided steadfast support of the Society, the staff, and all educators in its community. His consistently positive and gracious disposition set him apart and served to make him a special mentor, coach, and beloved leader.

Honoring his significant and longtime contribution of service to Kappa Delta Pi, he was inducted in 2015 as a member of the prestigious Eleanor Roosevelt Chapter—one of the highest recognitions bestowed by the Society.

In addition to Frank’s sustained service and leadership in KDP, what impressed me most is that every conversation I ever had with Frank, he was always positive and hopeful of the great things that lie ahead. He definitely had a “glass half full” disposition . . . a most gracious and kind man. May he rest in peace.

2017 #KDPgrad with Pride Photo Contest – Now Open!


Are you a senior or grad student who is graduating this spring or graduated in December?

First of all, congratulations! We are proud of you and wish you the very best as you job search and start your teaching career.

We know you must be proud of yourself and your achievements, too—and took (or will take) photos of yourself in your cap and gown with your KDP cords, stole, and/or medallion.

Share one or two of your favorite pictures of yourself on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #KDPGrad as a first step to entering our annual KDP Graduate with Pride photo contest.

To complete your entry, go to http://www.kdp.org/gradwithpridecontest.php to answer a quick survey so we know who you are and a couple of sentences about your journey to become a teacher.

All completed entries will be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 5 $20 gift certificates to the KDP Store.

Pictures will be placed in an album on KDP’s Facebook page. One way to win is to share the photo(s) from our page and/or ask your friends and family members to “like” your photo for a chance to win the most “likes.”

Eligible participants are members who graduated in December 2016 or are graduating this spring semester. The contest deadline is June 16, after which winners will be selected.

Good luck! We’ll be looking for your picture soon!

2016 Winners of the #KDPGrad Photo Contest

2016 #KDPgrad with Pride Photo Contest – Now Open!

KDPgradAre you a senior or grad student who is graduating this spring or graduated in December?

First of all, congratulations! We are proud of you and wish you the very best as you job search and start your teaching career.

Secondly, we have a unique opportunity for you to share your story and be entered into a drawing!

Share pictures of yourself in your cap and gown with your KDP cords, stole, and/or medallion on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram using the hashtag #KDPgrad as a first step to entering our sixth annual KDP Graduate with Pride photo contest*. Pictures will be placed in an album on KDP’s Facebook page; at least one winner will be chosen from the overall number of likes/comments/shares it receives, so be sure to share your photo from our page!

To complete your entry, click here to answer a quick survey.

Winners receive one of five $20 gift certificates to the KDP Store.

Good luck! We will be looking for your picture soon!

*Eligible participants are members who graduated any time during the 2015-2016 school year. The contest deadline is June 16, after which winners will be selected.

Proudly announcing our 2014 awards recipients!

Chris Beaman is the assistant director of membership & chapter services.

We are so excited to announce the recipients of the 2014 Awards for Education Excellence given by Kappa Delta Pi.

These awards honor individuals and chapters for their significant contributions to the Society and the education world. This year, we were pleased to announce that we increased the frequency with which we award four (4) of our coveted awards to be handed out annually.

The 2014 recipients are as follows:

Chapter Program Award
The Program Awards recognize chapters for demonstrating excellence in one of five program areas: service, professional development, fundraising, membership, and communication. These awards are designed for chapters that have exceptional programming and may or may not qualify for the Achieving Chapter Excellence (ACE) Award.KDP Awards 1

Phoenix Award for Chapter Improvement
The Phoenix Award recognizes those chapters that have taken significant action to improve their overall level of effectiveness in chapter management and programming.

KDP Awards no recip

Distinguished Chapter Officer Award
The Distinguished Chapter Officer Award honors current or immediate-past officers who set positive examples for their chapters by representing the ideals of Kappa Delta Pi.

Regional Chapter Counselor Award
The Regional Chapter Counselor Award recognizes one dedicated counselor from each region that excels in his or her role for that region. The counselors achieving this award are leaders who represent the mission and ideals of KDP and who have achieved excellence in the role of counselor.

KDP Awards 3

Congratulations to all of our award recipients, and remember to carry what you learned from the experience(s) with you throughout your professional career. We look forward to continuing to recognize you in all of your successes along the way.

From all of us at KDP, thank you!

Faye Snodgress is the executive director of KDP International.

KDP Executive Director Faye Snodgress thanks you!

KDP Executive Director Faye Snodgress thanks you!

World Gratitude Days is September 21. The day was created by a group within the United Nations so that people could find ways to express their appreciation for all the good things that groups and individuals do to make life better for others. Gratitude is what defines the humanity of the human being and brings inner peace and joy. We are called upon to pause and to think about those who have been an inspiration to us and who we value in our lives and to thank them.

Most of us recognize that by counting our blessings and being grateful for them not only makes us happier but also positively impacts those to whom we show our gratitude.  It now appears that some psychologists have arrived at the same conclusion. Dr. Robert Emmons, a leading scholar in the scientific study of gratitude and professor at the University of California stated, “ …while the emotion seemed simplistic even to me as I began my research, I soon discovered that gratitude is a deeper, more complex phenomenon that plays a critical role in human happiness. Gratitude is literally one of the few things that can measurably change people’s lives.”

Personally, I am very grateful for those special teachers who changed my life and for my role at KDP Headquarters that enables me to serve important  and special educators who play a critical role in our society and influence our country’s greatest resources—its children.  So, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to you—each and every member of the KDP community.  Today and every day, my thanks go to you!

The moment is now. It is a time for all of us to show our gratitude for educators and leaders who have influenced our lives.  Who can you thank today for the positive impact they have had yon your life? Who do you appreciate?  How do you plan to show your gratitude?