Does KDP Have Award-Winning Publications? You Bet!

Kathie-Jo Arnoff is Director of Publications at Kappa Delta Pi and Managing Editor of the KDP Record.

Your time is valuable, so you want to be sure you’re spending your professional reading time on resources that can really inform and help you in your career. In case you were wondering just how much you can depend on KDP publications, you can rest assured that they deliver on their promise. Not that we needed validation that KDP’s three quarterly publications deliver what’s most important to keep you up-to-date with the latest strategies and practices, hot topics, and research, but we got reminded anyway.

KDP snagged not one, not two, but three awards for outstanding publications during the past 4 months. That’s something to celebrate! But what we celebrated for a moment (or maybe a bit longer) at KDP Headquarters was not representative of our true accomplishment. KDP publications, like KDP and its members, are committed to excellence. Everyone who writes, reviews, manages, edits, proofs, etc., wants to make sure that those working in the field of education continually strive to improve so that every learner can have a quality education. We are all partners in this process.

So here’s the lineup of KDP’s latest recognitions for publications:

2015 REVERE Logos

REVERE (Recognizing Valuable Educational Resources) Awards from the Association of American Publishers: The Kappa Delta Pi Record received this award earlier this month for the “Telling Stories” department of the journal, which was designed to share universal lessons through personal narratives.

APEX 2015_winner logoAPEX Awards for Publication Excellence from Communications Concepts: The New Teacher Advocate received this award this month in the Magazines, Journals, and Tabloids category.

ASSN TRENDS bronze-2014Association TRENDS All-Media Contest: Not to be left out, The Educational Forum received the bronze medal in the Scholarly/Technical/Scientific Journal category this past February.

So take a moment to celebrate what we’ve accomplished, together, while realizing what made it possible for us to get there. KDP publications are produced for you with the help of many contributors. If you’re not already taking advantage of all these resources we have to offer you, check out how your KDP membership works to bring you publications at a greatly discounted cost.

New Grads, We’ve Got Your Back

Laura Stelsel is director of marketing & communications at Kappa Delta Pi.

Sasha IshakAre you a new graduate? You might not know this, but KDP can be an even bigger resource to you after graduation. We are here for you all along your journey as an educator.

Here are a few things you need to do and know to get the most out of your KDP membership now that you’re a graduate:

Update your contact information: This is CRUCIAL if you want to continue accessing our free publications and resources. And it takes just a few seconds! Log into MyKDP and click on My Account > My KDP Profile to update your info today.

Know your login info: Or at least know how to request it time and time again. Many of our resources are for members only, and you’ll want to be able to access them when you need them. If you’ve forgotten your info, it just takes one second to request it.

Get new teacher resources: KDP has a whole line of resources for the first-year teacher, like the New Teacher Advocate and the New Teacher Community in KDP Global. Once the new school year begins, monthly New Teacher Tip emails are sent to new teachers with recommended resources.

Ask questions (and get answers): You are a part of a nearly 40,000-teacher network. Use it! Post questions in KDP Global and get replies from your trusted comrades. In fact, we’ve started a discussion thread for you to do just that.

Get funding: We award grant funding to teachers every year through our Classroom Teacher Grants. More than 50 per year, in fact!

Show us your pride: Now through June 15, we’re running our annual Graduate with Pride photo contest. Submit your photo for a chance to win.

We are so proud of all that you have accomplished and look forward to serving you in the many wonderful years of teaching you have ahead of you.

Meet David McNelly!

Check out this month’s Member Spotlight, David McNelly! David has been a member of KDP since 2009 and is a Classroom Teacher Grant reviewer. He is a Special Needs and ESL Coordinator in the United Arab Emirates. Connect with him in KDP Global.

David McNellyWhat do you value most about your KDP membership?
Over the past two years, my understanding of membership has expanded and KDP has become a valued asset. Lately, KDP been a way for way to be of service and volunteer even while teaching overseas.

What is your most used KDP member benefit?
Articles and updates especially in the area of Special Education. I work as a coordinator in a different country at an international school with a modified American curriculum. KDP resources have become more useful as the need to stay updated has increased.

Why do you use KDP Global?
I work overseas in the United Arab Emirates and love to work and live in different countries. I have taught in three countries and hope to add China or Singapore to the list next year.

What do you love about being an educator?
A first grade boy at my school struggles with letters and numbers both due to language challenges (left to right and right to left with a different alphabet) and learning concerns. In the mornings, before school, he gets 20 minutes of free time to use the whiteboard and try to write his name. He still makes a “Z” look like a number two and transposes “I” and “U,” but he is very enthusiastic. Every day he keeps trying, and I think that is what I like most about being an educator—never giving up.

Meet Ashlyn Williams!

Check out this month’s Member Spotlight, Ashlyn Williams! Ashlyn has been a member of KDP since 2011. Connect with her in KDP Global.

Ashlyn WilliamsWhat do you value most about your KDP membership?
The endless networking possibilities! Meeting with like-minded professionals who share the love, passion and dedication for education and sharing insight, experience, tips and words of encouragement. Educators bear the torch that enlightens young minds and creates tomorrow’s leaders.

What is your most used KDP member benefit?
My two most used KDP member benefits are the discounts for partnering education retailers and the access to webinars and publications. As an educator, it is important to remain abreast of new studies, theories, and educational policies.

What do you love about being an educator?
What I love about being an educator is the rewarding opportunity to give the gift of learning, transform lives, and impact the families and communities I serve. I also enjoy what I like to call the Light Bulb-Twinkle effect; the moment when a child, who has been struggling, suddenly grasps a concept (Light bulb on) and then demonstrates an eagerness to apply the concept on their own (Twinkle in the eyes).

7 Qualities of a Teacher Leader

Karen DeLawter is West Regional Chapter Coordinator at Kappa Delta Pi.

Power of Teacher LeadershipWhat makes a teacher leader? All teachers do valuable work, but what distinguishes a teacher from a teacher leader? KDP Leadership Month is the perfect time to share common characteristics from The Power of Teacher Leaders: Their Roles, Influence, and Impact.

  • Work ethic. This characteristic is defined as perseverant, resourceful, action oriented, committed, and passionate (York-Barr & Duke, 2004).
  • Teamwork. A teacher must work with many different stakeholders and build positive relationships. To build such relationships, he or she must be able to engender trust, work well with colleagues, communicate effectively, and resolve conflicts (Danielson, 2006; Killion & Harrison, 2006).
  • Leadership. Teacher leaders lead by engaging, inspiring, and motivating others to improve and become better through their actions (Bascia, 1996). The trait is strongly interconnected with teamwork.
  • Openness. Teacher leaders are adaptable, open-minded, and creative. They are open to exploring options to gather the necessary resources to improve the state of education (York-Barr & Duke, 2004). Their relationships are filled with honesty and integrity.
  • Vision. Teacher leaders have a vision to identify opportunities for improvement or fix problems within the school. They actively seek out opportunities rather than simply waiting for them to appear (Danielson, 2006). They have a calling to positively influence beyond the walls of their classrooms.
  • Positive effect. Teacher leaders are positive. They are leaders who often succeed with the help of their positive effects of optimism, enthusiasm, confidence, and willingness to collaborate (Danielson, 2006).
  • Risk taking. This characteristic allows teacher leaders to do whatever is necessary in order for children to learn. They do not mind if they fail or are criticized (Danielson, 2006).

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The Power of Teacher Leaders: Their Roles, Influence, and Impact
Edited by Nathan Bond
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What’s Trending: Most-Read Articles

Kathie-Jo Arnoff is Director of Publications at Kappa Delta Pi and Managing Editor of the KDP Record.

The RecordKappa Delta Pi publishes its two peer-reviewed journals with partner Routledge/Taylor & Francis, which publishes a total of 263 journals just about education. And, yet, among all the articles published last year, one from each of the KDP journals was in the Class of 2015—a list of the most-read journal articles. If you missed reading those popular pieces, you still can. They are available free of charge through the end of the year. Check them out:

If you’re a KDP member, you may be receiving the quarterly KDP Record as part of your membership. (Only undergrads receive the New Teacher Advocate instead during their first year in KDP.) The KDP Record promotes professional growth in the field of education by providing articles on evidence-based teaching strategies, reviews of current policy initiatives, examples of applied theories, and reports of original research in language that is accessible and practical.

The ForumThe Educational Forum is available by subscription. KDP members get a whopping 75% off the normal price, and that includes access to all 79 years of archived articles. The Forum provides thought-provoking, challenging essays, research reports, and featured works designed to stimulate dialogue in education on a worldwide scale.

Both journals are perfect for helping you keep up with the field, as well as for your research projects. Subscribe today and find out what you’ve been missing!

Got a Minute? Week of February 9, 2015

Got a minute for KDP? See what’s going on at headquarters in a one-minute(ish) video.

This week:

  • Check out The Educational Forum! KDP’s 79-year-old premiere academic journal has a new look. Members get 75% off subscription prices. Learn more on The Forum page of the KDP website.
  • Proposals are now being accepted for KDP Convo, Oct. 22-24 in Orlando. There are many formats this year, so check them out! Deadline is Feb. 16.