Monday Morning Update – October 12, 2015

Good morning, friends – 2015.10.12 Gandhi

#MondayMorningInspiration: “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” – Mahatma Gandhi. Check it out and share it on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

Here is a quick update of what you need to know this week:

  • KDP has been invited (by the office of the Leadership_BlockU.S. Secretary of Education) to recommend individuals qualified for nomination to one of five open positions on the National Assessment Governing Board, the entity that sets policy for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)—better known as The Nation’s Report Card. If you are interested in being considered as one of Kappa Delta Pi’s nominees for these significant appointments, please complete the application form and submit it with a résumé or curriculum vitae to Kappa Delta Pi Headquarters by October 23, 2015. Call 800-284-3167 or email Faye Snodgress, Executive Director, at with questions.
  • While registrationregclosed has officially closed for #KDPconvo15, it’s not to late to attend! Onsite registrations are available and include the full conference. We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Orlando, FL!
  • Did you knowtee that you could get $100 for a literacy project in your school and community? Unlike our Classroom Teacher Grants, this signature service initiative and funding opportunity does not have a limit for how many stipends are given. Learn more here!
  • Education policy has long been a matter of concern for the nation and the states.headphones Our federal system, however, does not clearly specify the role government plays in this critical policy area. In order to be effective educators, we must understand the dynamics of this system and work within its structure to improve the quality of education for all participants. Tomorrow, October 13 at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern), learn how educators, including YOU, can make a difference.


Chris Beaman is the Manager of Marketing & Communications for Kappa Delta Pi.

Monday Morning Update – October 5, 2015

Good morning, friends – 2015.10.05 Adams

#MondayMorningInspiration: “Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence” – Abigail Adams. Check it out and share it on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

Here is a quick update of what you need to know this week:




Chris Beaman is the Manager of Marketing & Communications for Kappa Delta Pi.

Monday Morning Update – September 28, 2015

Good morning, friends –

#MondayMorningInspiration: “Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition.” – Jacques Barzun. Check it out and share it on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

Here is a quick update of what you need to know this week:

  • 1031houseAs October approaches, check out “Halloween Resources to Use in Your Class” on KDP Global, shared by staffer Sally Rushmore.
  • Convocation 2015 is just a little overConvo-Tee a month away! Be sure to register before October 9th and pre-order your t-shirt, too.




Chris Beaman is the Manager of Marketing & Communications for Kappa Delta Pi.

Stevenson University Members are Real Hallo-winners!

A tiger, a witch, and a robot walk into a library . . .

No, it’s not the beginning of a joke. It’s what happens when members of the Stevenson University Kappa Delta Pi chapter host their annual Boo Bash at the Finksburg Branch of the Carroll County Public Library in Maryland. Each year, these creative and caring students develop and present a Halloween program for Finksburg area residents. And the kids love it. Participants are invited to come to the event in image-2costume. (Hence the tiger, the witch, and the robot from the beginning of this post.) Members of Kappa Delta Pi pick favorite Halloween titles to read out loud for a fun and funny story time. And there is always a host of easy and interesting activities for the young ones. Ranging from paper plate jack o’ lanterns to lollipop ghosts, the children love the opportunity to make festive crafts.

These students provide a great service by coordinating this program at the library. First, the event proves to be a good draw to get folks into the branch. Who doesn’t love a festive autumn story time? And once there,image-1 patrons can begin to see (if they didn’t already know) how the modern library is so much more than just books. It’s story times and crafts and gathering together to enjoy the season. It’s family and friends cherishing time spent together. It’s conscientious college students volunteering their time to help bring laughter and a love of reading to the neighborhood. It’s a focal point for the community to gather and to enjoy.

And so the library is truly grateful for the work of Kappa Delta Pi. We are thankful for their partnership and for the joy they spread to the community. Halloween may be the season for scares, but it’s smiles that are handed out when members of Kappa Delta Pi come to the Finksburg Branch.

The Psi Omicron Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi is being honored at KDP’s 50th Biennial Convocation for multiple Chapter Program Awards from 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. They are also one of 25 chapters receiving the Achieving Chapter Excellence (ACE) Award.

Bryan Hissong is the Manager of the Finksburg Branch Library in Carroll County, Maryland.

Monday Morning Update – September 14, 2015

Good morning, friends – 2015.09.14 Franklin

In the United States, it’s Constitution Day, so our #MondayMorningInspiration has a specific theme. Check it out and share it on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

Here is a quick update of what you need to know this week:long-sleeve-tee

  • The new, re-designed KDP Store is officially live and ready for your orders. We have some fantastic new products that we think you’ll love!
  • Convocation 2015 is just a little over a month away! Be sure to register before October 9th and pre-order your t-shirt, too.




Chris Beaman is the Manager of Marketing & Communications for Kappa Delta Pi.

Every Day is Earth Day

Jim Poyser left his long career in journalism to become executive director of Earth Charter Indiana in 2013. ECI’s youth program, Youth Power Indiana, engages youth in stewardship and leadership practices; ECI’s other main program is Sustainable Indiana 2016, which encourages sustainability actions across the state.

Photo by Michelle Craig

Photo by Michelle Craig

When people ask me why I never take a day off from my work at Earth Charter Indiana, I always kid them with the following thought experiment: Do you ever wake up, get ready to go work, open the door, and there’s no there there?

Mother Nature never takes a day off, why should I?

Funny thing is, it’s true. I don’t take days off, and I actually wouldn’t know what that meant anyway. I am very fortunate that my job is my passion and engages all of my creativity. How do you take a day off from that?

That’s what I would wish for YOU this Earth Day: that you find a similar arrangement – if you haven’t already – for yourself. I submit it doesn’t even have to be about stewardship, per se, just an alignment of heart, purpose and personal sustainability.

So what do we do at Earth Charter Indiana? Find the interconnections between our too-numerous-to-count global challenges—environmental degradation, economic disparity and political apathy. Right now, because there are so few organizations in Indiana directly fighting climate change, we are focusing on that, connecting the dots around sustainability and stewardship.

To that end we combine art with science to celebrate and showcase our growing consciousness and action. We aim to raise everyone to leadership, especially our youth. But I don’t think you need to read about that right now. You can click on the links in my bio, below, to explore more.

Instead, in this short space I have, I will make the assumption you know something is terribly wrong in the way we live; it’s not sustainable. We’ve become disconnected from nature and democracy. All the creatures are suffering from it. And we have to change quickly to head off the worst effects of our climate crisis and consumer craziness.

What to do? The answers are standard but true. Pick something you love that also demonstrates your love for the earth and do it well and all the time. For me, it is riding my bicycle as much as possible, even in terrible weather. For you, it might be being vegetarian or vegan. Or growing your own food. Or reducing your waste to the point where your trash can gathers cobwebs!

Once you get started on that garden or that waste reduction project at home, etc., then take it to your neighborhood and to your place of employment.

Take your growing awareness and action and go to the next level: demand your institutions (including your own personal portfolio) take their investments out of fossil fuels and put them into clean energy like solar and wind. Divestment is one of the most powerful movements imaginable (money talks!)—and it is happening on a worldwide basis.

Run for office, or support a candidate who shares your urgency and is not afraid to go against the political popularity contest our democratic system has become.

Have courageous conversations with those who are unwilling to grasp scientific reality or to accept the responsibility of being a good steward.

Hug a teacher, for they could use the encouragement.

Mostly, be joyful and happy in the progress you make, because it will inspire others to create their own adventure of living every day as if it were Earth Day.

#TBT Literacy Alive!

Katie Heath
Katie Heath is the Northeast Regional Chapter Coordinator and Literacy Alive! Coordinator for Chapter Services.

If you’re anything like me, you love sorting through old documents and unveiling historical information. Recently, I dug out the records for the first year of Literacy Alive! and was amazed by what I discovered!

It is remarkable to see both how little and how much has changed with the Literacy Alive! service initiative over the last 22+ years. Perhaps the most exciting finding was that several of the chapters that have participated in Literacy Alive! in recent years are the very same chapters that took an active role in the program’s initial stages.

I was impressed by the statistics from Literacy Alive’s! first year as KDP’s signature service initiative. While modest growth is often expected in the first few years of any new program, to have impacted so many people from the very beginning shows the true hearts of KDP members everywhere. Roughly 22 years later, I am overwhelmed with pride as I reflect on the progress Literacy Alive! has made and the impact this program continues to have on communities across the country.

For this week’s #TBT take a look at the statistics from the first year of Literacy Alive! (1993) compared with those of last year’s programming.

4.2.2015 #TBT

We hope you plan to participate in Literacy Alive! this year as KDP’s signature service program continues to grow and expand. If your chapter has already held an event, don’t forget to submit the Literacy Alive! Achievement Form by May 1. If you have not yet participated, it’s certainly not too late. Check out our website for more information about hosting a Literacy Alive! project, or contact me with questions!

Serving Together,


We Challenged You! How Did You Respond?

Laura Stelsel is director of marketing & communications at Kappa Delta Pi.

#NiceBucketYou might remember about two months ago, we began a project to make a difference in the lives of others every day. This Nice Bucket Challenge, which sprang from a response to the popular Ice Bucket Challenge, was a test for our staff, and boy, they have stepped up.

Today, October 25, is Make A Difference Day. USA WEEKEND Magazine, established this day to “recognize the everyday people whose contributions improve communities and better lives.”

We thought it was the perfect occasion to catch you up on how KDP staffers have been making a difference—in small ways each day—in the lives of others since August.

So far, our staff members have completed 70 acts of kindness, like:

  • Ambre and Zumba instructorBrought snacks to an after school tutoring program,
  • Signed up to volunteer with the United Way, an organization with which one of our staffers had always meant to get involved,
  • Gotten involved with More Love Letters and Love for the Elderly,
  • Paid it forward at Starbucks,
  • Made one positive change in their own lives (see Ambre’s picture with her new Zumba instructor!),
  • Donated school supplies to an organization that needed them,
  • And so much more.

I think if you’d ask any of our staff members, these simple acts took little time and effort on their part and made them, and those on the receiving end of their acts, feel absolutely fantastic.

And, if you remember from the post back in August, we challenged YOU to the Nice Bucket Challenge, too. So, what have you done, or are you going to do, to make a difference today? Share your ideas with us!

Take Our Nice Bucket Challenge!

Laura Stelsel is director of marketing & communications at Kappa Delta Pi.

Last week, Executive Director Faye Snodgress and I were challenged by our KDP co-worker, Assistant Director of Membership & Chapter Services Chris Beaman, to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Faye and I were going to make a donation to ALS (and a few other organizations that are dear to us) regardless, but we didn’t want to back down from Chris and his challenge. We’re a competitive bunch over here.

We were all ready to take the challenge together on Friday–we’d each brought a towel and a change of clothes to work–but before we did, we had a thought. While dumping a bucket of ice-cold water on your head is certainly a challenge, the act is over quickly. What if we were challenged to bring about good not just for one day, but every day?

So, Faye and I came up with an alternative: the KDP NICE Bucket Challenge.

On Friday, there were 131 days left in 2014, so we filled a bucket with 131 acts of goodness and kindness. We’ve challenged KDP staff to empty the bucket and complete all of the acts of kindness by Dec. 31, 2014.

We’ll be documenting our efforts throughout the year using the hashtag #NICEBucketChallenge. 

We’re also challenging YOU to the Nice Bucket Challenge! Do you think you can complete an act of kindness every day for the rest of the year?



Jump on the Literacy Alive! Bandwagon

Anne Boley is event and executive coordinator at Kappa Delta Pi.

Literacy Alive! project flyerKDP Headquarters staff has jumped on the Literacy Alive! bandwagon, and we thought you might enjoy hearing about our involvement in KDP’s signature service project.

We are working on a magazine harvest project for It’s such a simple concept and so easy to implement, yet it can have profound effects on promoting literacy.

Here’s how it works: staff, with the help of friends, family and neighbors, are collecting magazines of all types that are in good condition. We donate these to, and they offer them to various organizations in need of reading materials for children and families. The magazines might go to a homeless shelter, a school program, or possibly a job training program.

Magazine collection editWe are recycling magazines while helping with literacy at the same time. It’s a great project that combines our focus on sustainability with our focus on literacy.

Our initial goal was to collect 500 magazines by July 1. We have already passed that goal and are setting a new goal of 1,000 magazines! It’s always amazing to see what people can accomplish when they work together.